Tourist visa extension in Bangkok

As a tourist it is possible to stay up to 90 days in Thailand if you have previously applied for and paid for an appropriate visa at the consulate in Germany (e.g. in Frankfurt). This usually starts with the entry into Thailand at the immigration at the airport. There you get a stamp that allows you to stay for 60 days.

The extension for another 30 days must be applied for in time before the end of the period at the Immigration Office of the vacation destination! The 30 days are then added to the date of the stamp. So if you get to the extension sooner, it’s not a big deal….

The procedure is quite simple and is described on many pages, but there are a few little things that make this process even easier. You have to bring and prepare:

  • Passport,
  • Copy of passport (1 page of passport photo, 1 page with entry stamp),
  • white entry slip (you have to fill in the small number in a form),
  • passport photo,
  • 1900 baht,
  • Ballpoint pen (for security for the form),
  • telephone number where you can be reached in Thailand and
    Residential address in Thailand or Bangkok (only one from Bangkok is valid when going to immigration in BKK.

If you want to be taken there by cab, please be taken directly in front of the entrance and not on the main road! The entrance is located at the very end of the government building.

Here is the exact address:

120 Chang Watthana 7 Alley, Khwaeng Thung Song Hong,
Khet Lak Si, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10210

You can see a picture of it as a post image at the top and here on Google maps:

At the entrance, you show your passport and have your luggage checked as at the airport. Now you come directly into a small vestibule, which opens further behind even more. But we only have to go a few meters to the right and already see the entrance to Immigration Division I.

Immigration Bangkok

However, if you don’t have copies and/or a passport photo yet, go straight ahead, down the escalator and follow the signs for the corresponding stores. Don’t worry, it’s easy to find and not as expensive as in Germany.

At the immigration counter we introduce ourselves and tell them our request: “extend tourist visa”. The receptionist then gives us the appropriate form and fills it out.

I took a picture of mine and put it here. Please note that there is no indication for the phone number on the form, but you will be asked for it later! So also write down the same.

Visa Extension Form

If you have a pen in your hand anyway, you can sign the passport copies on the white border. Thais like paperwork and signatures.

Oh yes, the passport photo is pasted in the appropriate place – glue is available at the reception.

Visa Form BKK Extension with photo

Once everything is filled out, you go to the left of the counter near the window through a passage and come to the actual immigration. At the first counter you show the form, passport and copies and if everything is correct you get a waiting number with letters. The letter is the department to go to and the number is the wait number.

If the number is shown, you go to the appropriate office box and hand over all the documents along with the 1900 baht. Most of the time everything goes fine. Sometimes there are difficulties with the address. Then it is best to show the exact location on Google Maps 🙂

If everything is correct, you still have to change the chair and wait until the higher official has made the stamp in the passport. You will then be called with the waiting number, so do not throw away the waiting slip.

That’s it – 30 days longer in Thailand are safe!

6 thoughts on “Tourist visa extension in Bangkok”

  1. Really helpful description, thanks. FYI, In 2022 I am reading that you need to go to the Thai Immigration Bureau Muangthong Thani

    • Thanks for your hint! Yes, this article is just an example if you live in this area of Bangkok. Check what Immigration Bureau is responsible next to your address!

  2. Yes, IT Square Laksi and you need to fill in forms 1,2 and 3 at that place
    There is a BTS/train station next to that shopping mall
    Maybe they will move again soon, keep checking
    Still 1900 Baht for extension of tourist visa
    Place wasnt busy I went thru in less than 40 minutes

  3. One thing you may want to add for e-Visa people:

    I needed a printed copy of my e-Visa (TR-60 – 60 Day Tourist Visa) when I did my 30 day extension application in Bangkok on Oct 25, 2022. (It’s the PDF with the QR code on it showing your e-Visa was approved etc). They checked a few things on it and included it in the paperwork.

    So make sure to have that printed and with you.


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