About Mela and André and Thailandworld

Sawasdee Kha

My name is Emanuela and I am originally from Switzerland. I have traveled a lot with my parents through southern Europe since I was a toddler. Later I made traveling my profession and worked for many years as a travel agent in Basel.

I love the sun, the sea, beaches, foreign cultures and languages and of course good food. I have a special affinity for Italy and Thailand. Italy, because my mom is Italian, Thailand, because my son André is living in Bangkok. Together with him I started this site.

I have lost my heart not only in Heidelberg, where I have lived for decades, but also in Thailand! So that´s why I have emigrated to Phuket.

For me there are many more reasons to love Thailand:

I don’t like cold, nor grouchy and constantly nagging people. That alone is why I like living in Thailand. The always warm temperatures, the cheerful, tolerant, uncomplicated and hospitable people make for a much more pleasant everyday life here.

In addition, they have a completely different understanding of what services are all about. Here, the customer is indeed king. Thais are also reserved, yet curious people with a strong sense of national pride. Shouting at each other is considered unacceptable and aggression is avoided; instead, helping each other is taken for granted.

Eating plays a prominent role here and is best done in company. Bangkok is a true gourmet’s paradise, from cookshops to gourmet temples, there is everything here.

Where could one live more pleasantly than in the land of smiles, where the five precepts of Buddhism are actually lived?

Sawasdee Khrap from Bangkok

“Swiss Passport, Thai Heart”

Andrew grew up in southern Germany where he studied for a bachelor’s degree in tourism management. After graduation, he traveled Europe, was a backpacker in New Zealand, explored Australia and finally settled in Thailand. There, Andrew completed a Master’s degree in Tourism Management and now works as a Travel Specialist for a travel company, where he shares his passion for Thailand with clients and works closely with the locals.

From his home in Bangkok’s suburbs, Andrew loves exploring Thailand and Southeast Asia, eating at cookshops, listening to Morlam songs with the locals, and taking his motorcycle out for a ride.